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How many invoices do you pay per month?

How many invoices do you send to your customers each month?

How many employees do you have?

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How does collaboration with Alpinum Accounting work?

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Service starting from CHF 150/month
  • Management of the entire accounting
  • Payroll accounting for your employees
  • Submission of VAT returns
  • Annual financial statement
  • Representation to authorities
  • Annual KPI reporting
  • Tips for tax optimization
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Management of the entire accounting

Professional submission of VAT returns

Thorough payroll accounting for your employees

Accurate preparation of annual financial statements

Representation and support in matters in authorities

Expert assistance with tax returns

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Analysis of current accounting

Together, we assess the current state of your accounting. We analyze the scope and potential weaknesses or inefficiencies

Capture of your expectations from the trustee

Based on your information and needs, we present possible solutions in the field of accounting, ensuring that you are optimally positioned for your business goals.

Delivery of a specific offer

Your customer advisor provides you with a tailored offer, including a detailed overview of our services.

Contract conclusion

After the discussion with your customer advisor, you will receive a contract that you can accept online. Our service can be terminated at any time.

Onboarding discussion

Discussion In a approximately 45-minute onboarding discussion, we go through all relevant points for collaboration step by step.

Focus on your core business

After the onboarding discussion, we take care of all accounting matters, allowing you to refocus on your daily business.
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  • Accounting takeover
  • Submission of VAT returns
  • Monthly payroll accounting
  • Financial metrics analysis
  • Representation before authorities
  • Tax return filing
  • Advice for tax optimization
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  • You and your company have not had an in-house accountant up to now and you feel that you are already working to capacity with your core business.
  • You or your employees handle the accounting yourselves, but have no time for further education in accounting.
  • You do not want to risk being held accountable by authorities due to errors in accounting.
  • You have neither the time nor the financial resources to hire specialized personnel for accounting.
  • You want to avoid having to handle the accounting yourself in case of absences due to vacation or illness of your own employees.
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