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CHF 1,000

  • Official fiscal representation
  • Registration VAT authority

Starter Plus

CHF 1,500

  • Official fiscal representation
  • Registration VAT authority
  • Preparation of VAT declarations
  • Support for sales reconciliation


CHF 1,900

  • Official fiscal representation
  • Registration VAT authority
  • Preparation of VAT declarations
  • Support for sales reconciliation
  • Qualification of business transactions
  • Tax revision support

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What makes us stand out:

  • Savings: Four – five figure tax savings.
  • Speed: Because we do what we can.
  • Reliability: We stand by our word..
  • Quality: Experts with many years of experience.

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 Frequently asked questions

How complicated is the transition from my current trustee to Alpinum Accounting?

The transition to Alpinum Accounting is straightforward. Our dedicated team actively supports you in transferring your accounting data, ensuring a smooth transition. We take care of the majority of administrative work, allowing you to focus on your core business. Typically, the transition effort for our clients is less than two hours.

Which accounting program suits my company?

At Alpinum Accounting, we analyse the individual requirements of your company and recommend an accounting program that best suits your size, industry and goals. We are familiar with various programmes and will help you choose the most suitable tool. We are a licensed Bexio Platinum Partner, Abacus Business Partner and Klara Treuhand Partner.

When is it worthwhile to outsource accounting?

Outsourcing accounting is beneficial for companies of all sizes looking to reduce internal administrative effort. If you need more time for your core business, appreciate professional advice, and want to rely on reliable accounting experts, the time for outsourcing is ideal. Particularly, rapidly growing companies benefit from outsourcing accounting early on.

What happens in a consultation at Alpinum Accounting?

In a consultation, we get to know your company and discuss your individual requirements. We explore possible solutions, address questions, and ensure whether and how collaboration can be established.

What tasks does Alpinum Accounting take over?

Alpinum Accounting provides a variety of services, including accounting, payroll accounting, tax returns, annual financial statements, reporting, controlling, CFO activities, company formations, and other fiduciary services. Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive range of fiduciary services to efficiently manage your financial matters.

What should be considered when choosing a fiduciary company?

When choosing a fiduciary company, it is important to consider the experience, reputation, and reliability of the company. Look for expertise in your industry, transparent pricing, individual care, and the ability to adapt flexibly to your changing needs.

How can I streamline my accounting efficiently?

By analysing your business model in depth, we define the optimal processes for lean and efficient accounting. Our experienced team identifies customised solutions to make your accounting seamless and effective. We place particular emphasis on efficiency so that you can save time and resources and concentrate fully on your core business. Alpinum Accounting supports you in implementing optimised processes and ensures accurate and timely bookkeeping. By outsourcing your accounting, you save time and resources that you can use for your company.

Why Alpinum Accounting?

Alpinum Accounting is considered a leading fiduciary company for small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland. Our extensive expertise in the fiduciary industry, efficiently structured processes, and high level of automation, combined with our close customer care, result in outstanding customer satisfaction. Our focus is on providing individual solutions for your accounting and fiduciary needs, freeing you from administrative everyday stress. Personal care, transparency, and trust are at the forefront to ensure that your financial matters are in the best hands. Trust Alpinum Accounting to have your business finances in safe hands.

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